In the wheat field

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Hahnemühle FineArt Paper
Acryllic Glass

The hot summer day is coming to an end and the setting sun bathes the approaching thunderstorm in an unreal purple. In the wheat field, the tips of the ears light up golden yellow once more before the sunlight fully disappears for the day.A light breeze sweeps across the field, causing the ears of corn to sway back and forth and appear almost like ripples on the surface of the water. In contrast to the gentle movements of the wheat, the trees stand bolt upright in rows.

We would love to follow the tracks through the waist-high wheat field, then hike through the dead-straight rows of trees. I wonder what's waiting on the other side of the kiri tree plantation?The trees by the wheat field invite you to let your imagination run wild, to take in the peace and simply enjoy the moment.

Combine our different material finishes and sizes exactly so that this motif fits exactly to your four walls. As a result, this extraordinary motif will fit into any wall: at home, in the office or in your practice rooms.

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