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As a photographer, it is essential that you intuitively know and master your equipment. Good photography is the result of a confident and experienced handling of the available equipment as well as the right eye for the best coordination of motif and light. In our practical photography blog we explain the most important techniques and show you the best tips to make your photos sharp, unique and even more interesting.

Your view decides the final image
Your view decides the final image
Landscape photography is the interplay of the perfect subject, light and shadow, and the use of a variety of techniques.
Your view decides the final imageLandscape photography is the interplay of the perfect subject, light and shadow, and the use of a variety of techniques.

What is photography? And why does this photography blog exist?

Photography is art. Or is it rather a kind of documentation? Is photography the telling of stories, stories about a person, a place or something that happened?

Everyone will have to find their own individual answer to this question. For us, photography is a mixture of all of these. It is a tool to visually document what we want to describe and make it tangible and understandable for the viewer. Landscape photography is the stylistic device we use to capture the beauty and uniqueness of nature, while at the same time showing the destructive way it is treated. We value high quality and expressive photography and use a wide variety of technology and equipment to achieve this goal.

Our photography blog is the medium in which we want to share this knowledge, to give you and others ideas and input for their own interpretation of photography. It is a blog to encourage others to consider photography as a means of documenting the transience of our environment and nature, and who in turn can use their images to help increase, not decrease, knowledge of this in the general population.

The stories behind the pictures

Behind every picture there is a story. And we tell our stories with the best pictures. Both together create an imaginary image in the viewer, one causes the other. A photography blog should also tell the sometimes rather technical information of when, where, how and why a picture was taken. Our In Focus category is about selected photographs from our portfolio, where we want to share the background story.

A photography blog without advertising

You won’t find any advertising, affiliate links or product testing throughout the beAnywhere website. We are aware that a majority of websites operate this way, but we do not support this purely third party economic growth model. We want our photography and the knowledge we share on this photography blog to be as sustainable as possible. If you need a new camera, you will find the right model, even without affiliate links that point to wholesalers that can be considered ecologically and economically problematic. Sharing know-how is about the topic at hand, not about concrete product recommendations, which can only ever be subjective. In addition, we focus on a user-oriented user experience, on a website that does without excessive tracking and can be used without AdBlocker.

Of course, we are happy to help you individually with specific questions about our equipment. In this case, simply contact us and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Photography designed by nature.

Photography designed by nature.

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