Föhn storm

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Actually, Lake Lucerne is "just" a big lake. Due to its unique location in the Reuss valley, however, it is also in the catchment area of the notorious Föhn wind, which regularly makes itself felt as a strong, warm storm wind, especially in the winter half-year. From the main ridge of the Alps, the wind then blows northward, using in particular the large valleys such as the Reuss Valley with Lake Lucerne as an air channel.

During these storms, the otherwise calm sea can also show a completely different side. High waves are more reminiscent of a stormy coast than of an alpine lake, and the spray can be carried several meters inland. On such a stormy autumn day, this photo was taken near the village of Brunnen. The sun shows itself only sporadically through a gap in the clouds, while the wind goes about its stormy business without interruption. Whitecaps and breaking waves add to the scenery, in the sky the clouds move at breakneck speed.

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