Alpen Glow

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Acryllic Glass
Hahnemühle FineArt Paper

The alpenglow is one of the most beautiful light moods in the high mountains and on this evening the mountains trump with everything they have to offer. The flanks of the Diablerets glow in every imaginable hue from pink to intense red to violet and the entire cloudy sky takes on the same coloring.

The smooth clouds form the perfect contrast to the extremely detailed rock faces of Les Diablerets and the bright colors stand out impressively against the valley already in shadow.

Just before sunset, the sun is so low on the horizon that the sun's rays have to travel a long way, scattering the blue light rays widely. This is why the rest of the light hitting the cliffs of the Diablerets and the clouds is so intensely red.

A fine art print with extreme color depth and high detail, which brings an extraordinary light atmosphere to any room. Large living room or sparse meeting room? No problem, because you can choose exactly the right size and your favorite material to configure this mural exactly as you want.

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