Sunset Grosser Mythen

SwitzerlandCentral Switzerland
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Sonnenuntergang Grosser Mythen

About this artwork

In the last light of the day, the colors and light conditions in the alpine landscape change almost by the minute. Shadows become longer, warm light becomes colder, contours blur more and more with the background. Even right after the sunset, this spectacle is not necessarily over and it is worth to keep your place for photographing for some time.

This evening image of the Grossen Mythen shows the striking mountain just after the setting of the autumn sun, when the sky glowed in the evening red. A colorful motif with interesting gradients in the sky and a stunning depth effect in the image.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art processes we use in printing, we can guarantee high color intensity with crystal-clear details that captivate the viewer and appropriately showcase this Central Swiss landmark.

Sonnenuntergang Grosser Mythen Mockup

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Every location for our murals is just as unique as the motif itself. With our configurator, you can create your own personal work of art in your individual design and view the result in the virtual showroom to get an impression of the effect of the picture.

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