Sunset in Switzerland

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Acryllic Glass

A sunset in the mountains of Switzerland is a very special experience. And one of the most beautiful sunsets in Switzerland is certainly when the last rays of the day hit the Grossen Mythen in the heart of Switzerland.

The busy pulsation of the day is slowly swallowed up by the darkness creeping up from the alpine valleys, and while only the most prominent mountain peaks shine in the last sunlight, an atmospheric silence spreads.

Get this very characteristic evening mood as a high-quality print on acrylic glass or aluminum dibond to your home and let your personal day end with this soothing sight. And if you listen very carefully, you may even hear the melancholic sounds of a distant alphorn...

By the way, if you want to learn more about the story behind this image, you can find the corresponding blog post from our "Behind the lens" section here.

From this picture there is only a limited edition of 10 copies (regardless of the selected size). With your purchase you will also receive a certificate with your personal edition number.