Panoramic image vineyards in winter

CHF 1,495.00

Chamoson is a small community above the Rhone Valley and nestles loftily above countless vines in a basin dominated by the impressive south face of the 2969 m high Haut de Cry. L'Ardève is the name of the 1507 m high, pyramid-shaped elevation directly to the left of the picturesque village and eye-catcher on our 300 cm wide panorama of this unique scenery on a cold winter day. The vineyards, together with the farm roads, form a visual line that climbs up to the village, situated between 622 and 722 meters above sea level. To the left and right of it, other Valais villages are lined up, the Rhone and the highway in the valley form the end of this shot. The approaching sunset sends low sun rays with the typical hazy air from the left and illuminates the massive southern flank of the Haut de Cry, over 2000 meters high, in the most beautiful colors.

We produce this panoramic view of the Valais with a color-fast, high-quality print on canvas with a thickness of 340 g/sqm and deliver the 300 cm wide and 136 cm high picture ready for mounting on a 4 cm thick, sturdy stretcher frame including suspension. Through these impressive image masses, photographed with a professional panorama system in the highest resolution, you get a work of art, which invites you to discover and linger through its countless details again and again.

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