Inversion weather

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Acryllic Glass

The inversion weather conjures up a soft bed of clouds in which the Grosse Mythen in central Switzerland finds itself on this late autumn evening. Only the highest peaks still rise out of the sea of fog; the weather below is a dull gray, the weather above is all the more beautiful. During the day it is warm and sunny, while under the fog cover it is wet and cold.

The indescribable colors that evening are short-lived. Just a few minutes ago the sun was visible on the horiziont, now it has disappeared for today, leaving the sky in a beautiful gradient between orange and blue.

You can enjoy these colors and the powerful effect of this unique motif as a limited version in several sizes and on the highest quality materials as an eye-catcher in your home. Thanks to state-of-the-art printing processes, we can faithfully reproduce the brilliant colors and show them to their best advantage on alu-dibond or acrylic glass with high color depth.

From this picture there is only a limited edition of 10 copies (regardless of the selected size). With your purchase you will also receive a certificate with your personal edition number.

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