Sugarloaf mountain

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Acryllic Glass
Hahnemühle FineArt Paper

It is these first few hours after a big fresh snowfall that makes nature look like it is embedded in absorbent cotton. Untouched, the snow glistens on the ground, the branches of the trees bend and every smallest rocky outcrop is bathed in white. This spectacle is always short-lived, because as soon as the sun lets its rays hit the snowy winter landscape, the snow quickly melts away. Especially in the steep mountain flanks, the snow is quickly gone, leaving only the old snow cover behind.

After a striking snowfall in the middle of high winter, the Grosse Mythen presents itself covered with a powdered sugar layer of fresh snow. The Mythenhaus on the summit, unattended in winter anyway, slumbers under a thick blanket of snow towards spring and everything looks like a fragile pastry dusted with sugar.

Our fine art print brings this unique winter atmosphere into your personal four walls and lets you immerse yourself in this magical winter landscape, printed on the highest quality materials and with the latest printing technology.

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