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Acryllic Glass
Hahnemühle FineArt Paper

At sunsets in the mountains, there is sometimes a moment when the sun's rays, favored by haze from the valleys, are refracted on the contours of the mountains and real streaks of light are poured over the landscape. This minimalist image from the Valais Alps in Switzerland makes the viewer feel the shimmering summer heat, which decreases towards evening. The sky slowly takes on a golden hue and in the next few minutes will be increasingly bathed in radiant colors by the setting sun.

With our high-resolution fine art print, you can bring this calming scenery into your personal four walls and enjoy some alpine flair with breathtaking light. High-quality and modern printing processes ensure a brilliant color image and a high level of detail for each individual copy.

The image fits perfectly into modern environments decorated with clean lines and perfectly complements them with its golden, subtle tones.

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