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Acryllic Glass
Hahnemühle FineArt Paper

Visible from far away from the foothills of the Alps and from Lake Constance, the striking mountain massif of the Säntis impresses with its single location in Appenzell. Surrounded by gentle meadows and alpine pastures, the mountain rises to 2501 m with steep flanks and sharp ridges. At the top, the cable car station with the large broadcasting tower can't be overlooked; unfortunately, in the case of Säntis, one can't speak of an untouched summit at all.

Our shot was taken on a summer evening from central Switzerland with a strong telephoto lens and brings the Säntis in the last evening light in all its glory on the highest quality materials as a wall picture to you. State-of-the-art printing processes ensure brilliant and vibrant colors, immersing the viewer in the alpine landscape and making the eyes linger as they search for new details.

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