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Acryllic Glass
Hahnemühle FineArt Paper

The 671 m high Skottinden on the Lofoten presents itself from all sides as a pointed and inaccessible rock on Vestvågøy. The offshore Nonstinden is a popular hiking peak and easily accessible via a hiking trail, while the main peak in this massif is rather reluctant to be climbed.

This shot was taken from an offshore ridge during the midnight sun in June, when the vegetation is still recovering from the long, dark and cold winter. The yellowish-white tufts of grass contrast beautifully with the warm sunlight of the midsummer night, while Skottinden rises majestically in the background. A few clouds drift across the sky and you can almost hear the wind blowing across the barren landscape.

Using the most modern and highest quality printing processes, we can offer this image with a captivating color depth and the highest resolution on various materials. A piece of Nordic landscape in your home or office to feed the longing for the next trip to our unique nature.

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