Structures of silence

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Acryllic Glass

The North Atlantic, that is often rough weather conditions and raging waves that roll against the stony coasts. The atmosphere on this stretch of coast on the west coast of Norway combines all these qualities and impressively shows how beautiful and yet cool the sea can be at the same time.

The stones on the beach are rounded by the movement of the water and, thanks to the tides, the incoming tide drives the waves closer to the beach. Bravely, a few rays of sunshine make their way through the thick blanket of clouds that covers the sea on this day. The horizon lights up yellow and makes you curious about what may lie beyond.

This mural brings all the vastness of the North Atlantic into your own four walls, captivating the view and inviting you to relax and listen to the sound of the waves.

From this picture there is only a limited edition of 10 copies (regardless of the selected size). With your purchase you will also receive a certificate with your personal edition number.

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