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Acryllic Glass
Hahnemühle FineArt Paper

Hemsedal is a valley in southern Norway, near the well-known winter sports resort of Geilo. It stretches from south to north into the mountains and is also very well known and popular in winter as a winter sports resort. Slightly east of Hemsedal itself you will find a variety of larger and smaller lakes, alternating with long forests and striking mountains.

One such is Helsingvatnet, which flows directly into the larger Storevatnet on its eastern shore. Behind it towers the Skogshorn, which can be reached via a hiking trail. Seen from the air, we can easily see the vastness of the region, which is also reflected in this motif.

Spatial expanse, impressive nature and strong colors characterize this drone image and are also perfectly reproduced in print on the various material designs and sizes thanks to the latest printing processes. An ideal motif for rooms where more space is to be created by optical elements - or for all those who dream of the endless landscape of Norway.