Norwegian highlands

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Acryllic Glass
Hahnemühle FineArt Paper

The Norwegian Highlands, or Fjell, reveals an extraordinary landscape to its visitors. The gently rolling hills and mountains covered with cotton grass and cloudberry stretch seemingly endlessly to the horizon, and in between them small depressions have formed in which the melt water of the snow has collected in the spring. Throughout the Fjell, one encounters the stones rounded by glaciers, which, with their gray and lichen-covered surface, form a wonderful contrast to the green and yellowish grass mats.

Over this seemingly endless landscape lies a silence that can hardly be found in more densely populated areas. In the early evening, when the sun is low and the hikers start their retreat, it gets quiet up here. Only the wind still brushes over the grasses and lets the clouds move on. An atmosphere where one's thoughts go on a long journey and nature is the only thing we still perceive.

Norwegian Highlands definitely meets all the criteria, for a fine art print in a class of its own. So that this motif fits perfectly in your home or office or your practice rooms or waiting room, we offer it in many different sizes and material variants. It's best to choose the right combination right away.

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