Cloud reflection in the water

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Acryllic Glass
Hahnemühle FineArt Paper

There are countless Norwegian lakes in the barren plateaus of the vast country. Some are reservoirs, the water from which is used to generate energy and plays an important part in ensuring that Norway gets almost all of its energy needs from renewable sources. Others are natural lakes, on the shore of which stands at most a small, lonely hut, somewhere in no man's land.

Our motif shows one of these lakes, a reservoir in Hardangervidda, whose calm waters reflect the picture-book clouds drifting along the sky. It almost looks like another version of the famous Windows XP home screen, with its lush green meadows and contrasting deep blue sky.

These brilliant colors are reproduced in our image in countless shades through high-quality printing processes and bring an airy ambience to living rooms, practice rooms or offices. The different sizes and materials of this motif offer a suitable setup for every application and ensure long-lasting pleasure when viewing this unique landscape.

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