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Der Horizont

About this artwork

When less is more. An almost glassy sea combined with a picturesque sky is a rare combination - even more so in the far north. So what could be more obvious than to include this soothing and relaxing ambience as a fine art print in our usual high quality manufacturing quality on various materials and in various sizes in our range of professionally photographed wall art of the highest quality.

Ideal places for this horizontal print with a view of the horizon are certainly living rooms or bedrooms, in addition to doctors' offices, where a calming feeling is important. The enchanting colors make the picture almost like a painting and never push themselves into the foreground, but are still always discreetly present and work through their restraint.

But also in offices such prints do well as a stress-reducing element, because nature is known to have a positive effect on the individual stress level of people.

Let yourself, your visitors, customers or patients immerse in this mood through the high color depth and forget everyday life for a moment.

Der Horizont Mockup

Your configuration in the showroom

Every location for our murals is just as unique as the motif itself. With our configurator, you can create your own personal work of art in your individual design and view the result in the virtual showroom to get an impression of the effect of the picture.

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