Evening in the Fjell

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Acryllic Glass

The barren landscapes of the Norwegian plateaus hold surprisingly colorful sights on some evenings. A few minutes before darkness takes over, the horizon in the Norwegian Fjell once again glows from blue to orange in the most magnificent colors.

The last light draws the hard contours of the vast mountain landscape and makes the purple heather and the white lichens in the foreground shine once again in the dusk. The low plants are accustomed and well adapted to the harsh conditions of this landscape, They look like soft carpet spread between the bushes.

The bright colors on the horizon and the splashes of color in the foreground create an ambiance that is both calming and joyful, and the expanse of the landscape brings unimagined vastness to any space. Just as colorful as this evening mood is, just as diverse we offer you this motif. Choose from four sizes and three different materials to make your sunset in the mountains exactly what you want.

This motif has demanded a lot from us - in terms of acceptance towards mosquitoes. If you not only want to have the picture hanging on your wall, but also want to know the story behind it, check out our blog 'Behind the lens'.

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