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Acryllic Glass
Hahnemühle FineArt Paper

The term Oberaar is used for various areas in the Bernese Oberland above the Grimsel Pass. On the one hand, there is the Oberaarsee, one of the many reservoirs of the Grimsel-Oberaar power plants, the Oberaar mountain inn as well as the Oberaar glacier and the Oberaarhorn, which is supported by the Oberaarrothorn. Then, of course, there is the Oberaarjoch, where the high alpine refuge Oberaarjochhütte is located. With this, we should have mentioned all the important representatives with this designation and also on this high-quality mural, many of the mentioned locations are depicted.

This late summer sunset with an impressive view into the Grimsel region provides an incomparable panorama over this impressive region with the sun star and the rays of the setting sun. Some of the largest glaciers are located here around Finsteraarhorn, Lauteraarhorn and Schreckhorn and flow into the large reservoir.

We recommend this mural especially for places where you want to achieve a great depth effect. Thanks to the many kilometers deep landscape, which is reproduced with brilliant colors on high-quality materials, you buy here a photographic work of art, which will give you many years of pleasure and is an impressive eye-catcher.