Mystic forest

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Acryllic Glass
Hahnemühle FineArt Paper

The mist is still in the air and hangs over the treetops as the sun slowly begins to bathe nature in a soft golden light this morning. Over time, the play of light increasingly displaces the darkness between the tall candle-straight trees with their spiky branches, and the mystical forest gradually loses its threatening effect.

A harmonious morning mood spreads between the trunks. The first birds begin to chirp and the forest floor glows in lush green thanks to the leaves of the numerous plants. The fog leaves behind damp cool air that makes you shiver slightly and only in the course of the day it slowly gets warmer here under the high canopy of the treetops.

A fine art print that invites you to dive into a strange, undiscovered world, enjoy the coolness of the morning and start the day calm and relaxed - curious about what may come after the fog.

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