Gnarled tree

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Knorriger Baum

About this artwork

The midnight sun in Lofoten turns even the gnarliest tree into a work of art. Harsh weather conditions often prevail on the archipelago in northern Norway, causing the trees to grow crooked and crooked. In summer, the trees bend in the storms that pass over the Atlantic, in winter the weight of the snow weighs heavily on the thin branches. Over time, the tribes have adapted to the inevitable forces of nature to survive in this rugged habitat.

On this night in May, the midnight sun bathes the cloudy sky in an unreal orange, bringing an incredible sense of depth to this motif. The gnarled tree giants rise majestically before the light spectacle of sun, clouds and colors and their ever thinning branches branch out endlessly. The trees are the silent witnesses to how inhospitable it can be here on other days.

Thanks to high-quality printing processes, we can reproduce even the smallest details in the highest quality and reproduce the colors of nature in the most brilliant colors. A landscape that gives any room a very special ambience.

Knorriger Baum Mockup

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