Mountain trail

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Acryllic Glass
Hahnemühle FineArt Paper

The low midnight sun in Lofoten casts long shadows on the long ridge along which the narrow mountain path runs. The path still seems to stretch far across the plateau and who knows, maybe it leads down to the sea further on.

While the vegetation in the shade appears darker and darker, the granite rocks still shine in the golden light and radiate even at this late hour. The peaks on the countless islands of Lofoten rise into the still brightly lit night sky, and the soft light makes them seem even more majestic than they already do during the day.

Interesting peaks, long mountain paths, warm colors and a view from here to the horizon. This fine art print invites you to dream yourself to one of the most beautiful places in Norway, enjoy the beauty of nature and lonely silence - even from your own sofa. The various sizes and materials in which you can order this motif, ensure that fits on any wall. It's best to put together your favorite combination right away.

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