Les Dents Blanches

Limited Edition
FromCHF 399.00

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Acryllic Glass

The day is drawing to a close, and the shadows continue to move up from the valley, fading the light of the day. As the sun slowly approaches the horizon, the peaks of the Dents Blanches once again show their most beautiful side. The flanks shine in the warm light and express all the beauty and uniqueness of this mountain massif.

Les Dents Blanches - a motif that only comes into its own perfectly in portrait format. The impressive size of these mountains and the contrast to the already dark valley underlines this impression again effectively. Thanks to the warm and harmonious colors, this motif spreads a soothing atmosphere, emphasizing an ambience that contributes to relaxation or concentration, from living rooms to waiting rooms and co-working spaces.

From this picture there is only a limited edition of 10 copies (regardless of the selected size). With your purchase you will also receive a certificate with your personal edition number.

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