beAnywhere – Falko Burghausen – Marina Kraus

Hey, we are Marina and Falko.

For more than a decade, we have been developing software, working in teams, discussing in meetings, fine-tuning strategies, designing new products and creating digital content. Convinced by Work Anywhere and New Work, we have found ways to break out of “business as usual” and shape our lives according to our ideas.

We are photo-addicted and always have at least one camera in our luggage 📸, a mobile home on four wheels 🚐 and endless enthusiasm for the beauty of nature – from the Alpine peaks to the North Sea. ✨

Our idea behind beAnywhere is to share our experiences and encourage others to try new ways of living and working as well. We take you with us and show that traveling should not only be a vacation activity. That we can also experience new places in everyday life and that it is possible to work digitally (almost) from anywhere.

Marina Kraus

Environmental Engineer & Product Designer

“Make it fun and easy” is Marina’s motto, whether it’s photography, remote work or the user experience.

With many years of experience as Head of Communications and Product Designer, she knows what matters when it comes to real corporate storytelling in text and images and how to make a digital product an authentic experience for users.

She shares her know-how on her portfolio and thus helps aspiring designers on their way into the tech industry.

Marina Kraus
Falko Burghausen

Falko Burghausen

Software Engineer & Photographer

Falko without a camera, it’s so rare that you should almost take a picture of it. 😅 Packed with camera, tripod and lenses, his passion is landscape and nature photography.

He brings over a dozen years of tech industry experience between corporates and startups, and has seen the IT world through the eyes of a software engineer as well as from the perspective of the CTO at a Swiss healthtech startup. In 2022, he founded, a consulting company for tech startups and IT professionals.

As a #digitalnomad, he always works remote-first and likes to be inspired by new technologies and digital tools, because New Work is much more than just a buzzword for Falko.

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