Blue monkshood

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Acryllic Glass
Hahnemühle FineArt Paper

It is a fine line between medicinal and poisonous plant, because incorrectly dosed, many medicinal plants can quickly lead to severe, possibly even fatal poisoning. The monkshood now definitely belongs to the genus where caution is required. Already a few grams of the root are deadly for us humans.

The monkshood, which is called Aconitum napellus in Latin, is not only effective as a medicine, but also as a photo motif. The inflorescences, which range in color from green to violet to dark blue and are clustered in clusters, rise up into the sky like spurs, swaying gently back and forth in the wind. If you look more closely, you will notice that the top petal of each individual flower is shaped like a hat. This would also be clear, what has helped this blue splendor of flowers to their names.

As a mural, the combination of green and blue brings something calming and at the same time fascinating to any room. The colors provide balance, while the extremely detailed inflorescence tempts you to take a close look at every little thing. And who knows in which of the hats is hiding the bumblebee that buzzed through the picture a few seconds before we pressed the shutter.

A perfect image for quiet waiting rooms, inviting entrance areas and narrow walls waiting for a highlight.

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