Fairy tale atmosphere

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Acryllic Glass
Hahnemühle FineArt Paper

An interesting landscape backdrop combined with magical light is the goal behind every single image for every landscape photographer. Often, environmental conditions such as weather, clouds, wind or other factors throw a wrench in the works. Sometimes, however, all the factors are right and the conditions are right for an atmospheric landscape picture in a fairy-tale mood.

We managed to take this shot during a wonderful sunset in the middle of the highest Norwegian mountains, when the low sun transformed the whole scenery into a fairy-tale atmosphere. The huge lake draws the viewer further and further into the picture and, together with the mountain silhouettes standing out sharply against the radiant horizon, makes for an interesting motif in the mysterious light of the glistening setting sun.

A motif for modern interiors in living rooms, offices or practice rooms, which captivates the viewer with its intense yet subtle colors and can be ordered in different sizes and on various materials.

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