Mystic valley

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Acryllic Glass
Hahnemühle FineArt Paper

The mountain forests stand dark on both sides of this narrow high mountain valley. The clouds billow into the valley, mingling with isolated wisps of mist rising from the wet slopes. It is the time right after a heavy rainfall, when the trees are still dripping and the sun slowly begins to break through the cloud cover.

There is a mystical atmosphere that reigns in this valley. You can literally smell the wet forest floors in your nose, feel the light, fresh wind and hear the falling of drops from the trees. An ideal motif to bring a piece of relaxing nature into your home, office or other business premises.

Thanks to high-quality printing processes, the color tones are shown off to their best advantage and provide an eye-catcher that the viewer can enjoy for a long time, also thanks to the individual sizes and materials.

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