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About this artwork

The Engadin high valley is picturesquely embedded in the southern part of Graubünden at an altitude of about 1700 - 1800 meters. Especially in autumn, when the larches turn yellow, the valley wraps itself in a colorful cloak, which in our motif is complemented by the first white snow.

On this evening, an atmospheric sunset and some veils of clouds join in to give the subject the necessary depth and tension. Darkness slowly descends as the last of the sunlight disappears behind the mountains.

Our image is offered in a variety of sizes and materials, making it easy to customize for your individual use. The color reproduction is guaranteed by high-quality printing processes and ensures that you will enjoy this mural for a long time.

Engadin Mockup

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Every location for our murals is just as unique as the motif itself. With our configurator, you can create your own personal work of art in your individual design and view the result in the virtual showroom to get an impression of the effect of the picture.

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