Structures of silence

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Acryllic Glass

It is a majestic silence that has spread over Lac des Dix, one of the largest Swiss reservoirs in Valais, on this autumn evening. The only sound to be heard is the subliminal roar of meltwater making its way from the nearby glacier of Glacier de Cheilon into the calm waters of the reservoir. Les Rochers du Bouc, the rocky ridge over 3000 meters high, dominates this scenery with the first autumnal snow perfectly emphasizing the contours of the mountain in the evening twilight. The green-brown grassy mats that approach the lake from the eastern side are interspersed with interesting, small-scale rocky structures, offering the viewer detail upon detail in this stunning alpine landscape.

The water level of Lac des Dix, at an altitude of around 2300 meters, literally draws the observer into the picture. Its surface, colored by glacial ice, contrasts perfectly with the complementary colors, inviting you to follow the course of the lake and explore what alpine wonderland opens up behind the next mountain massif.

We offer this unique panoramic mural in two formats, where the 300 cm wide version, finished with 6 mm thick acrylic glass, is certainly the top of the line for any luxurious living space. Polished edges and a high-quality blind frame on the back ensure easy mounting on standard drill holes with appropriate screws despite the impressive physical dimensions.

But also our second variant, printed on Hahnemühle canvas "Artist" made of real cotton, provides with a width of 250 cm no less for an imposing motif, which convinces with high contrasts and perfect colors. The 4 cm thick, sturdy stretcher frame forms the basis for a secure mounting on your wall.

Printed in the highest quality, which ideally brings out the brilliant colors and every detail thanks to ultra-high resolution, this panoramic image will be the eye-catcher for you and your visitors. No one can escape this incredible alpine atmosphere, because the picture tells a story - a story of alpine silence, of a landscape of unimagined dimensions and an attraction that no one can escape.

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