March 2023 - Minimalist wall mural

March 2023 - Minimalist wall mural
When nature practices minimalism and allows a spectacle of colors on the horizon...

When you leave the classic paths and recommendations of photography, sometimes new perspectives on classic motifs succeed. Depth effect, depth staggering or the rule of the golden section – none of that was present in this shot of the Atlantic Ocean in Norway. Nevertheless, or precisely because of this, this image is one of our personal favorites, showing in a minimalist way the beauty and endlessness of the North Sea, garnished with the colors of the midnight sun.

We have included this minimalist mural in our range of high-quality fine art prints for this very reason, because the motif brings an interesting mix of naturalness and art into the room – at first glance it is a painting, only when you look a second time you discover the natural elements such as clouds or a minimal structure on the water surface of the ocean.

Minimalism, which at the same time represents a kind of infinity – a combination that seems strange at first. But maybe you should not think too much about the motif, but simply let it work on you and let your mind wander, into the spring, which we would like to herald with this picture of the month in March.

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