Travelogues and Stories

Stories want to be told and our stories are the right place for it. In our travelogues, we combine entertaining texts with high-quality photos and take you with us on our travels and tours – outdoors in nature or on a city trip, in bright sunshine or in snow flurries.

Photography designed by nature.


We often describe day trips that we take either from our home base in the Swiss Alps or during a longer trip. But most of the time a whole trip is just as exciting as the single trips. So in our travelogues we don’t only tell about hikes, ski tours or trail runs, but about traveling itself, about peculiarities in other countries, about challenges we encountered and about coincidences that probably won’t happen a second time.

For our travelogues and stories we attach great importance to professional and high quality photos, which can visually support what we have written and perhaps provide the best impression. For what happens behind the camera, you can find more information, know-how on techniques and background knowledge on individual images in our photography blog. You can also order a selection of our best pictures online in our store as exclusive wall pictures to bring the atmospheric landscapes directly into your home.

Authentic experiences

Our stories are based on real-life experiences and are not fill-in-the-blank, clickbait articles or a summary of other sources. The trips we describe are based on our own experiences, which we strive to reflect as authentically as possible. Our goal is to give you a realistic impression of what we have experienced and to whet your appetite for your own tours.

Real, but without guarantee

Of course, we do additional research for our articles and always try to give you as much information as possible about a trip or tour. However, all articles on beAnywhere are based on our own impressions and are the subjective result of our experiences. But things change. So, for example, if you want to do a tour described by us, we advise you to research the current conditions and form your own opinion on the spot, so that your project succeeds.