Trail running in the flow.

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Trail running in the flow.

As far as your feet will carry you.

Trail running - wild trails through forests, over mountains or passes in the Alps and along the rugged coasts of Scandinavia. It is the original form of exercise: powerful, close to nature and a challenge for body and mind. The ideal sport to recharge your batteries by consciously working off energy.

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Our trail running courses.

Trail running is for everyone. Sharing knowledge is the be-all and end-all. That's exactly what we do at the Hike & Run Academy: we pass on the most important do's and don't's to everyone who is just as crazy about the mountains as we are.

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Technique, tactics and training for runners.

Trail running can feel like you're running on clouds - or even above them. But it can also turn into hell if your tactics, technique or fitness are not right. In our articles, we share our best tips and experiences from many years of running.

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Running stories.

Ran, experienced and written down.

Our running stories offer you a mixture of inspiration and entertainment. Join us on wild summit tours, over long ridges and along picturesque lakes.

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Pure Flow.

The Trail Running Academy

With the Hike & Run Academy, we pass on our many years of experience in outdoor sports to like-minded people. Experiencing relaxed and happy moments in beautiful places in nature should not be a privilege, but should be open to everyone. In our courses, articles and stories, we impart authentic and practical knowledge without advertising. We stand for in-depth know-how in a structured form, conveyed in professionally conducted courses and prepared as high-quality content in our know-how articles.

What is trail running?

Running on trails and in the mountains is by no means just a sport for professional athletes. If you have experience in hiking, are sure-footed and free from vertigo and have a good basic level of fitness, you have all the prerequisites for running on trails. When trail running, we deliberately leave the paved paths and choose hiking trails or even easy, pathless terrain instead. We often run in an untouched environment and, depending on the region, the atmosphere can be quite alpine. Appropriate planning and tactics are therefore essential when running. Teaching these basics is part of what we offer at the Hike & Run Academy.

Trail running puts a lot of strain on our bodies. Subjective factors such as our condition and our physical and mental state have a major influence on how demanding and strenuous we perceive a run to be. There are also objective factors such as the weather, the condition of the paths and the level of difficulty at which we are running. In the case of mountain runs, we also have to take into account the expected altitude difference. All of these factors make trail running a challenging yet wonderful activity, which, with the right planning, allows us to experience lasting moments in nature and take home many long-lasting memories.

Equipment and material

Trail running is a relatively modest sport in terms of the equipment required. Compared to classic running in an urban environment and on paved paths, you do need a little more equipment, but the equipment battle is kept to a minimum compared to many other outdoor sports. In our articles, we regularly discuss the equipment you need and show you where high-quality equipment is important and useful and which gadgets you can safely do without.

Trail running against stress

Running off-road or in the mountains is not relaxing per se. We are physically and mentally challenged, and yet it is a different, consciously induced type of stress. During sport and therefore also during running, serotonin and other messenger substances such as dopamine, adrenaline and noradrenaline are released and provide the so-called runner's high - a state of happiness that we achieve when things are going well in the truest sense of the word.

This positive stress helps us to cope with everyday stress situations in a variety of ways. In trail running, we also benefit from another positive factor, namely spending time in unspoiled nature. Well planned and confidently executed, runs in trail running terrain can have a lasting positive effect on us and reorganize the flow of our thoughts.

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