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There are those days when everything is perfect. The spot is excellent, the subject is a dream, the light is right and the camera plays along too. Sometimes that’s coincidence, or let’s call it luck. But often there is a bit more behind it. This can be a complex planning, maybe we stand at this spot for the fifteenth time, before the shot succeeds as we imagine it or the approach to exactly this photo spot was long, steep and exhausting. For the “perfect” photo, we are quite willing to give a lot.

The Limited Editions are therefore the highlights of our murals in the store. They show unique motifs, are not to be found a second time and are only available from us. They are something special and therefore limited to a few copies. The number is noted with each landscape and when you buy a mural of the Limited Editions you will receive a certificate with your personal edition number – regardless of the selected size.

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Limited editions.Landscapes without limits.

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