Winter on the Forstberg

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Acryllic Glass
Hahnemühle FineArt Paper

Sometimes unique motifs arise exactly when we least expect them. This shot in winter was taken during a ski tour in dense fog, the camera was more out of habit with in the backpack at all. But the extra weight should pay off, because unexpectedly the clouds drifted apart and suddenly revealed the view of the 2215 meter high Forstberg.

The Forstberg is a prominent peak in the foothills of the Schwyz Alps and is geographically counted as part of the Hoch Ybrig. The peak has become known mainly in winter as a popular ski touring peak, while in summer it is rather quiet on the exposed summit. Today, due to heavy fresh snowfall during the night, probably no one is on the way to the Forstberg, it would be too dangerous in the current avalanche situation.

Our motif inspires as a mural by its mysterious views of this mountain, which lies just above the fog cover and is illuminated by the winter sun. Thanks to high-quality printing processes, the brilliant colors come out well, with several materials and sizes you are spoiled for choice to find the right variant for your purpose of this high-quality mural.