Winter fog

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Acryllic Glass
Hahnemühle FineArt Paper

The sun is already low on this winter afternoon and the peaks of the Central Swiss Alps cast long shadows. A fine winter fog has formed between the Grossen and Kleinen Mythen, Rigi and Pilatus, causing the basin above Lake Lucerne to glow with a soft golden light, while the sky is not dimmed by a single cloud.

Foggy days are a permanent feature of the weather picture in the autumn and winter months in central Switzerland and are due to the recurring bise. Often the fog cover is thicker than today, where it almost seems to dissipate and covers everything around Lake Lucerne with a gray layer of fog. Above the fog, however, there is usually nice weather and a trip to the heights is always worthwhile.

If there is not enough time to visit one of the surrounding peaks, fortunately there is this fine art print. It brings that feeling of standing above the fog into your own four walls when it's gray and dreary outside the door once again. We offer it in many different sizes, so that it also fits on any wall and can develop its effect.

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