Valle Santa Maria

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Acryllic Glass
Hahnemühle FineArt Paper

The Valle Santa Maria begins above the Valle Blenio in Ticino and goes up to the Lukmanier Pass, a crossing between the cantons of Ticino and Grisons. The vegetation slowly changes from Mediterranean to high alpine, while the architectural style changes from the typical rustico to the alpine architectural style of the Swiss High Alps.

Our fine art print was made on an autumn morning, when the sun is already illuminating the western part of the valley and the surrounding mountains, while other parts are still in icy shadow. Hoarfrost has spread during the night and covered everything with an icy layer.

The harsh contrast between warmth and cold is what makes this wall print unique. Thanks to high-quality materials and printing processes, these details and the brilliant colors are also shown off to their best advantage in the printed image and make for an eye-catcher in any property.

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