Shades of blue

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Acryllic Glass
Hahnemühle FineArt Paper

A picture of layers, with a landscape of alternating layers consisting of light and sea bays. The effect of the blue tone becoming paler towards the horizon creates stunning shades of blue and is an effect often used to create depth in a picture or painting. In our case, the incredible light conditions in Lofoten came to our rescue, which combined with the luminous sky at the time of the midnight sun made for breathtaking conditions.

Less is more and in this landscape photo taken sometime in the middle of the night, the focus is on the landscape formations that seem to stack up one behind the other. A few light veil clouds provide interesting structures in the sky, while the sun moves its orbit ever so slightly above the horizon towards the north.

Rich and bright colors and brilliant gallery-quality printing characterize this print, regardless of the material chosen. We recommend to choose a dimension as large as possible to achieve the maximum depth effect and literally pull the viewer into the polar sea.

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