Nordic flora

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Acryllic Glass
Hahnemühle FineArt Paper

Spring in the north is a little longer in coming. After a long and cold winter, the slightly warmer temperatures lure plants out of their winter hiding places and trees, shrubs, meadows and herbs finally begin to sprout. Nature always seeks its own way and so the Nordic flora has even adapted to the harsh coastal conditions in Lofoten.

In a dense clump, the yellow flowers stand directly on the rocky seashore, competing with the setting sun. Surrounded by gray stones, dark moss and brown algae, the flowers with their yellow leaves and green stems become the highlight on this stretch of coast.

A motif that tells a story - of adaptability under adverse conditions, of the courage to go one's own way and of the power to shine oneself. A fine art print that makes you think and invites you to dream - at home, in the office or in therapy rooms and waiting rooms.