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Acryllic Glass
Hahnemühle FineArt Paper

At 4042 meters, the Lauteraarhorn is not exactly the highest four-thousand-meter peak in the Alps. Nevertheless, its steep ridges make it one of the most difficult high alpine peaks, even on the not too frequently used normal route. The approaches to this mountain are all long, whether they take place to the Schreckhornhütte or to the Aarbiwak.

On this summer evening, the sky glows almost unnaturally yellow thanks to some veils of clouds, but especially the somewhat cute little clouds catch the eye, which give the picture that certain something. The glaciated slopes are already completely in the shade and the night slowly descends.

Thanks to the latest printing techniques, we can offer this image with all its richness of detail in the best quality on different materials and in various sizes to give you a wide choice for your purpose. The brilliant color reproduction does the rest to make this picture an eye-catcher.

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