Grosser Mythen in Autumn

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Acryllic Glass
Hahnemühle FineArt Paper

As so often in autumn, inversion weather prevails in central Switzerland. While it is gray in the valley below, above the clouds is the best and especially mild weather. The peaks of Pilatus and Rigi as well as of the Kleinen and Grossen Mythen are high enough to be enthroned above the clouds and are reminiscent of islands in the sea.

On this evening in autumn, the thick cloud cover seems like a sea of cotton candy and the sunset could hardly be more colorful. The evening sky over central Switzerland glows from strong orange to violet and makes the entire cloud cover shimmer in a gradient from blue to pink. An incredible play of colors that is as fleeting as the clouds below us.

The high resolution reveals every detail of the sharp-edged peaks, which form the perfect contrast to the gentle movement of the clouds. High-quality printing processes ensure intense colors, regardless of material and size, which you can choose for this mural exactly as you like.

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