Grimsel lake

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Lake Grimsel is an artificial reservoir at an altitude of about 1900 meters in the canton of Bern. With its elongated shape, the steep and unapproachable mountain peaks of the Bernese Alps all around and the wild scenery, it looks like the Swiss version of a high alpine fjord. While the front end of the approximately seven-kilometer-long lake with the Grimsel Hospiz perched on a rock is very heavily obstructed by the connection to the busy road to the Grimsel Pass and the dam walls bring a very artificial character to the high alpine landscape, the rear end is a river delta fed from the endlessly long Aar glacier. Here, the hiking trail along the lake turns north and climbs to 2391 meters, where the rustic Lauteraarhütte awaits visitors and alpinists as a destination.

Further west, the landscape becomes really wild and you enter one of the last lonely regions of Switzerland (and the Alps in general). While the imposing Finsteraarhorn with its 4274 meters rises massively at the end of the valley, the surrounding 3000 and 4000 meter peaks are no less impressive. The endless glacier arms of Unteraargletscher, Oberaargletscher, Finsteraargletscher and Strahlegg-Gletscher are the few possible approaches to this untamed region. Only the small bivouac hut of the Aarbiwak ducks against a rock face in the heart of this wild scenery and serves persevering alpinists as a starting point for the high alpine tours in this area after a much more difficult approach.

Our mural brings this unique scenery and the wildness of this alpine jewel with brilliant colors and high-quality printing processes directly into your living room, practice rooms or office space. In the last evening light, the mountain peaks radiate a peace that nothing can shake. Lake Grimsel literally draws the visitor into the picture, while the Finsteraarhorn at the head of the valley unmistakably sets the tone.

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