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Ballstad is one of the typical small communities in Lofoten. Not a city in the usual sense of the word, but a sprawling collection of small cottages and a few maritime industries that have settled in the southern third of the Norwegian archipelago. In the many small and hidden bays you will always find an idyllic spot like this one, with the typical rugged Norwegian coastline, steep mountains and red huts with white window frames in between.

It is currently low tide when this photograph was taken. The water has receded from the small bays, releasing a paradise for seagulls that cavort in this biotope. Picturesquely nestled on an island, the small house stands out in color against the harsh surroundings. The clouds drift across the sky and you could almost hear the screeching of the seagulls and the soft sound of the distant surf.

We offer this scene as fine art print in different versions (materials as well as sizes). Each copy is produced with high-quality printing processes and provides brilliant colors for an eye-catcher, whether for visitors or customers. Whether it's a home or business space, in many situations where creating spatial depth is a priority, this image creates a calming, subtle impression.

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